Tool Kits

These tool kits, along with these corresponding templates, will help you plan and execute an effective campaign along for your school:

ECO2school Tool Kit

How Does It Work?

How To Use Trip Tracking Tool

Questions To Ask Your ECO2school Leadership Group

Teacher Participation Permission Script - Simple Script to invite teachers to ask homeroom students to track trips on as a team

Survey Coordinator Tool Kit

How to Conduct the ECO2school Survey

Survey Script

Community Awareness Coordinator Tool Kit

Reaching Out

Community Awareness Presentation

Campus Awareness Coordinator Tool Kit

Raising Campus Awareness

Incentives Coordinator Tool Kit

How To Get Donations

Media Relations Coordinator Tool Kit

Developing A Good Relationship With The Press

Local Media Contact List


Team up with your friends and be a part of the ECO2school challenge.

Become an ECO2school Leader


Join with other High Schools in Sonoma County and be a part of this proven program to build an environmentally friendly school identity.

Be an ECO2school Teacher Champion


Sign up and earn prizes and medals for walking or riding your bike to school. 

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