The goal of ECO2school is to introduce students to concepts of global climate change and its connection to transportation. Encourage and support students to take action by participating in the schools walk and bike program.

The Program

• Promote the use of alternative modes of transportation (biking, walking and carpooling) among high school students through awareness, incentives to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from student commute.

• Use a service-learning model to develop student leadership and build a bridge between the business, government and school communities.

• Encourages student participation in Sonoma County’s 25% GHG reduction target.


• Use practical math/ statistics skills to survey students and measure GHG emissions relating to students’ school commute.

• Create and set GHG reduction goals based on the survey results.

• Build climate change awareness on the school campus among peers, parents, teachers and school administration.

• Solicit donations from local businesses to provide incentives and prizes to students participating in the ECO2school campaign.

• Conduct a follow-up survey and measure the program’s success.

• Present the results of their project to their peers and at community forums including the School Board and City Council.

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