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All of our lessons are linked to California State Standards and have been piloted in Sonoma County schools.

Lesson Plans and Curriculum:

Online Compilation of Resources

A reviewed collection of digital educational resources regarding climate and energy, science and solutions: www.cleanet.org

Videos and Images


CO2 On Mars, Venus, And Earth Image

Columbia Glacier, Alaska

Earth's Climate Rhythm

Greenland Temperature

Is Biking Safe?

Mantoloking, NJ Comparison Photo

Melting Glacier, Eiffel Tower Comparison Photo

Political Cartoons

Calvin and Hobbes

Happy Face Bike

Tom Toles--Political Cartoon

Five Climate Change Cartoons

More Climate Change Cartoons

Everything You Need To Know About Climate Change In 6 Photos

Greenhouse vs. White House

In Case of High Gas Prices...

Politicians, Clapping Seals

What If Climate Change Is A Hoax?

Curriculum Webs

Climate Change Curriculum Web

Transportation Mode Shift Curriculum Web


Calculating School Trip Emissions - Middle School

Calculating School Trip Emissions - High School

Dave Casey's 'How Big Is Your Footprint?'


Climate Change High School Lesson 2: Carbon Dioxide Trends

Climate Change High School Lesson 9: Energy Policies For A Cool Future

Language Arts

Climate Change HS -Student Reading 2- What Size is Your Footprint?

Climate Change Vocabulary

Environmental Literature

PSA: Show What You Know

What Is Air Pollution?

Essay: Students Making a Difference for the Climate

Social Studies

Climate Change HS -Lesson 4- It All Adds Up!

Climate Change HS -Lesson 9- Energy Policies For A Cool Future

Climate Change HS -What Is Climate and How Is It Changing?

Climate Change Vocabulary

Is Climate Change Good For You?


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