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Student Committed to Change

Full of passion and optimism, Patrick Schiller, is committed to reducing greenhouse gases and taking action to create change in his community. As an ECO2school intern during the 2013/2014 school year, he has addressed both teens and adults about climate change and has inspired many to care about these issues and take action.

Read about Patrick’s work in the Press Democrat and let his vibrant personality persuade you to take action too. Read here.


ECO2school's Team in Action

ECO2school strives to inspire, align, and mobilize action in response to the climate crisis. Helping make our vision come true takes passionate team memebers! Our program coordinator, Paola Alvarado, is passionate about working with students and her journey to becoming an environmental activist was recently highlighted in the Press Democrat. Read all about Paola here.


Casa Grande Students Know Climate Change Is Newsworthy

Challenge month has come and gone in a flurry of helmets, carpools, and bike-blended smoothies! Seven participating schools around Sonoma County participated this year in trying to motivate their student body to take a stand against Climate Change by reducing single passenger vehicles going to and from school in the month of April. Combining the efforts of all the schools, students were able to reduce over 8.5 tons of CO2!

Casa Grande High in East Petaluma wrote a news piece in their student newspaper, dubbed the Gaucho Gazette, introduced students to the work of the Climate Protection Campaign, encouraging students to partake in active commute choices like biking, walking and skateboarding and reducing the number of cars on the road by carpooling and taking the bus. Take a look at the full article here.

To see more of what the ECO2school Challenge looks like, check out our Facebook.


Students Mobilize Peers in Sonoma County

The Sonoma County Peace and Justice Center asked Brittany Russell, Program Coordinator of ECO2school, to write an article about the program's work around the county. Brittany focused on how the seven public high schools each have motivated, intelligent, and active members of the student body helping organize their campus' ECO2school Challenge in April. Their enthusiasm for improving the quality of their peers' commute and combat the effects of climate change is inspirational. Read the entire Sonoma County Peace Press article here.


Climate Ride 2012

One of ECO2school's amazing student volunteers, Jazzy Jolly, joined her mother and Program Manager of ECO2school, Amy B Jolly, on this year's Climate Ride. Jazzy was the youngest participant this year, and the only minor on the ride! Three cheers for Jazzy!

Check out more about the ride and Jazzy from the Press Democrat.

More info on the Climate Ride.
International Walk and Roll to School Day
ECO2school helped seven high schools in Sonoma County participate in this year's International Walk and Roll to School Day on October 3rd.
Casa Grande, a Petaluma high school, was one of the seven schools that participated, and to celebrate, ECO2school helped organize a community ride before school. The ride was led by local bicycling celebrity, Steven Cozza, local business owners, community members, and teachers and students from Casa Grande. See what the Press Democrat had to say about the International Event, and its happenings here in Sonoma County.
Here's a video of the early-morning Community Ride:


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