ECO2school Manual

This manual is based on the experiences of high school students and teachers of Sonoma County who implemented the ECO2school project in their schools in partnership with the Climate Protection Campaign - Cool Schools program. It is designed to orient a school team of student leaders and teacher champions to the main aspects of ECO2school and guide them through a step-by-step process of how to implement the project – planning, preparation, outreach, implementation, evaluation and follow-up.

It includes some ready-to-use templates that students may use or refer to during the course of the project. Students may decide to come up with new templates that help them implement the project in better ways. Finally, the manual includes resources to help the project team network with other ECO2school teams as well as youth groups from colleges and universities involved in the climate protection movement locally and nationally.

Most importantly, this manual is intended to be a dynamic document, in other words, a work in progress. As you read through it and especially when you start using it to implement the project, you will have many thoughts and suggestions based on experiences that are specific to your school’s context. Let the ECO2school coordinators know what is on your mind when you meet.

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